Polygamy in Islam is a Way of Life

Polygamy in Islam is a way of life that is very simple and easy. However, one would never know it based on how much the subject is debated. One only needs to look at all the attention that it gets. There is a lot of hoopla about it. Most have turned it into a big deal.

Most Muslims, especially women, don’t like polygamy. As a result, some try to make it seem that it is an outdated way of life.  Of course, it is not. It is a valid way of life that Allah allows for all times. Some go as far as to twist the meaning of an ayah (verse) that is in the Quran that speaks about polygamy.

With it in mind, take a moment to think about marriage, which has been in existence since the beginning of time. It started with Adam and Eve. It’s a given that a man and a woman will marry and begin their lives together. No one questions it. It’s a no brainer.

With regard to marriage, spouses will have trials and tribulations. Some will seek counseling for their problems. Some will separate, and some will ultimately divorce. It is how it goes. There is only a slight difference when it comes to polygamy.

Polygamy in Islam is a way of life that differs from a monogamous marriage in that a man has more than one wife

It’s the only difference. They have to workout their issues. It’s the same thing that any married couple has to do. Simply, the man has more wives to care for and to manage. So, again, why is it that so many make such a big fuss about it? Do they think a polygamous marriage should be problem free? Perhaps they do, but it is not.

One could see how non-Muslims reject polygamy as a valid form of marriage. But, there is no reason for a Muslim to think the same as they do. If the Muslim thinks that way, then there is something wrong with him or her. She or he lacks faith. Those Muslims need to get on board with correct thinking.

We as Muslims need to see polygamy in Islam as our way of life the same as we see monogamy. Polygamy does not need all the scrutiny that some Muslims give it. They need to accept it as simply marriage. It is all that it is. If a man has one, two, three or four wives, it is all the same. It is marriage. Why complicate it? Keep it simple.

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polygamy in Islam is a way of life


polygamy in Islam is a way of life
polygamy in Islam is a way of life

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