Why Does Islam Allow Polygamy

Many ask, why does Islam allow polygamy? It’s a loaded question and a dangerous one, as well. Although most people don’t know it. Nonetheless, it’s a sure sign that the one who asks it is not aware of what Allah says in the Holy Quran. For if he was, he would not question Allah’s Infinite Wisdom.

Only Allah knows why He does what it is that He does, unless He tells us in the Quran. Other than it, one merely guesses. He or she assumes.

The “why” is not what we should concern ourselves with? What He says is what we must accept. There is no need for someone to try to convince us of what He says. In other words, it is not for us to question Allah.

Only Allah can answer the question: why does Islam allow polygamy? For He is the One who has allowed it.

Expressly, Allah tells us in the Quran all that we need to know. One should simply accept that He allows polygamy and not speculate about the why. For no one knows better than Allah.

One should think twice before answering the question: why does Islam allow polygamy?

A person should be careful when he or she says why Allah does something or allows something. For if the person is wrong, he or she has lied on Allah, which amounts to slander. The person doesn’t hurt or wrong Allah. The person hurts and wrongs him or herself. He or she wrongs her or his own soul. One does it by saying something that is false about Allah.

When one answers the question, he or she takes a huge risk in that he or she may misleads others. Perhaps he or she does it unknowingly.

One could see how a non-Muslim would not know better than to ask, “Why? But, it a different story for a Muslim. He or she should know better.

For Allah lets us know that the unbelievers deals in conjecture and lies. A Muslim needs to use wisdom and not fall into that group of people. Allah holds us all to account for what we say and do.


why does Islam allow polygamy?

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