Change How We See Polygamy in Islam

We need to change how we see polygamy in Islam, as it’s holding us back as a community. Muslims will have problems, as long as they view polygamy as an anomaly. They need to see it for what it is. Particularly, it is a good way of life that Allah allows for us. The same as we view a monogamous marriage as the norm, we should see a polygamous one as the norm, as well.

There are so many fallacies about it. For instance, when it comes to a man taking on a 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife, some say that he should marry a woman of a certain status. Meaning, he should marry a divorced or widowed or barren woman or one who is past a certain age. Many Muslims have portrayed them as being undesirable to wed first.

The truth is that it is okay for men to marry those women first. The most compelling evidenced is in the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He married Khadijah who was fifteen years older than him. She had been married before him, as well. They lived a monogamous marriage. A Muslim many may marry any Muslim woman who is single. Furthermore, he may marry her in any order.


She says he does not do polygamy right

She Says He Does Not Do Polygamy Right

We hear it all so often from a wife about her husband in a polygamous marriage. She says he does not do polygamy right. What does she mean by it? Does she know what she means? Has she any idea? Does she say it based on how she would like him to be?

A wife must be able to say what he is not doing that she thinks he should and why. She needs to understand her thoughts and feelings.


Why Does Islam Allow Polygamy

Many ask why does Islam allow polygamy? It’s a loaded question and a dangerous one, as well. Although most people don’t know it.

Nonetheless, It’s a sure sign that the one who asks it is not aware of what Allah says in the Holy Quran. For if he was, he would not question Allah’s Infinite Wisdom. Only Allah knows why He does what it is that He does, unless He tells us in the Quran. Other than it, one merely guesses. He or she assumes.

The “why” is not what we should concern ourselves with? What He says is what we must accept. There is no need for someone to try to convince us of what He says. In other words, it is not for us to question Allah.


polygamy in Islam is a way of life

Polygamy in Islam is a Way of Life

Polygamy in Islam is a way of life that is very simple and easy. However, one would never know it based on how much the subject is debated. One only needs to look at all the attention that it gets. There is a lot of hoopla about it. Most have turned it into a big deal.

Most Muslims, especially women, don’t like polygamy. As a result, some try to make it seem that it is an outdated way of life.  Of course, it is not. It is a valid way of life that Allah allows for all times. Some go as far as to twist the meaning of an ayah (verse) that is in the Quran that speaks about polygamy. […]

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