April 19, 2017

You Must Read The Silent Tears of Polygamy

You must read The Silent Tears of PolygamySo you want to know what it is like to live polygamy in Islam in the 21st century. It’s why you must read The Silent Tears of Polygamy. It is a book about polygamy in Islam as one American woman lived it in this modern-day society in the United States.

The Author, Robin Johnson takes the reader on an incredible journey into the life of two Americans. They started their marriage off in a serene and lovely state that was monogamous. However, their lives slowly spiraled into the unforeseen.

The book is based on a true story, which makes it even more intriguing. It portrays a way of life that we hear most speak of in theory only. Johnson spectacularly captures all the mental, physical and emotional aspects of the lives of the characters.

You must read The Silent Tears of Polygamy to increase your knowledge about polygamy in Islam

You need to read the Silent Tears of Polygamy, especially if you are a woman. It does not matter, if you live a polygamous lifestyle now or not. You may marry one day only to find that your husband will take on another wife. You don’t know when or if he will tell you that he will marry again. That is to say, don’t get caught out there unprepared. Although, there is nothing that will fully prepare you for what lies ahead.

All need to know that polygamy is real. It is here to stay. A Muslim woman ought to know that she may live a polygamous lifestyle one day. It doesn’t matter, if she wants to or not. On the other hand, the good news is that she could succeed and defy all odds. She could have joy and be happier than she has ever been.

Now, let me tell you, not only will you laugh, but this remarkable book will bring you to tears. So, I’m cautioning you to have some tissues ready. It will provoke the ire in you, as well. What a good read. Don’t be surprised either when you flip through pages being unable to put it down.

You must read The Silent Tears of Polygamy, as it will force you to take a good look at yourself and will inspire you to become a better person. Additionally, you will see polygamy in a completely new light. To learn more, visit the website: The Silent Tears of Polygamy

You must read The Silent Tears of Polygamy

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